At Emergynt, we are proudly divergent thinkers. As digital expands into all corners of our lives, we recognize that traditional, tactical cyber approaches can’t reduce the impact. That’s why we take a multidisciplinary approach to digital and cyber risk.

We are a fully-distributed team with a presence in nearly all regions of the US, enabling us to service a wide range of clients, but also to allow us to work in the environment that is most conducive to balance in our lives. Our development leverages the best AI and ML talent of Europe.

We founded Emergynt because today’s connected enterprises need a different way of looking at digital risk. Proactive risk management leads to secure and stable companies, strong economies, and safer and more private lives for everyone.


Why Emergynt?

We guide business leaders by providing foresight into risk exposures, including the cyber, human, and technological drivers of today’s digital enterprise. This allows them to control tomorrow’s business risk, not merely reports on yesterday breach.

Our platform and services quantify the impact of thousands of loss scenarios, continuously, using advanced machine learning and swarm AI algorithms.

As a result, leaders have a better understanding of potential outcomes and are able to “see around the corner,” to make informed strategic decisions that reduce impact.



We speak risk.

Digital transformation has resulted in heightened expectations and new challenges for the second line of defense; the CIO, CRO, and even CEO of a company must understand and take action on digital risks.

That’s why we built Instinct, the industry’s first-ever scenario-based platform to quantify tomorrow’s risks; powered by swarm AI. Our platform has been accepted as one of the first-ever cyber-risk models at the Nation’s leading banks and at international organizations.


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