Powered by the same dynamic engine that gives you an enterprise view of risk, your Risk Compass Subscription (formerly Risk Instinct) gives you a view of industry trends and foresight into tomorrow’s global risk picture. We pair access to global risk data with periodic engagement from our remote risk professionals to support your risk management efforts, efficiently and cost-effectively.


Global Data

Our swarm of risk professionals uses the best public, private, and proprietary data available to model emerging risks across multiple industries and global dimensions. We provide access to our global risk dashboard so you always know what the risk landscape looks like.

Local Perspective

When was the last time your KRIs received an impartial review? Does your executive board need a risk briefing? We have implemented detailed security and risk programs and briefed executives at the highest levels of the U.S. Government and Fortune 50 financial companies. With Risk Compass, you receive regular reviews and on-demand engagements with our risk professionals.

Anonymous Risk Sharing

Paired with an Instinct Engine instance, Risk Compass API connections allow your local risk nervousness to inherit from your industry and global influence. You receive anonymous “early warnings” when your peers or the Internet at large sees an increase in risk indicators.


Level 1 Subscription

Level 2 Subscription

Instinct Engine API Provisioning
Quarterly Risk Review



Collection of KRIs and Scenarios
Access to Emergynt Impact Scenario Report
Risk Analyst Review Requests

10 Per quarter

25 Per quarter

Instinct Engine API Technical Integration

4hrs (1 to 2 use cases)

8hrs (2 to 4 use cases)

Focused Risk Brief
Executive Risk Brief
Risk Instinct Workshops   Onsite

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