Digital Risk is Business Risk.

Digital transformation brings new challenges for businesses today Each day, they have more technology and more data to manage than ever before. It’s only a matter of time before every business has a business-threatening event. Executive roles—like CIOs, Risk Officers, and Risk Boards—are required to take a higher-level, strategic view to prioritize and manage broad portfolios of risk. Regulation and maturity have given them responsibility for cyber and other digital risks now.

First-line tools are helpful in mitigating discrete exposures but are too tactical to provide context and insight into business impacts like financial, market, or operational risk.

Emergynt provides these “Second Line of Defense” roles with solutions to identify, monitor, and manage digital risk.

Emergynt enables leaders to control critical business risk by providing deep insight into the cyber, human, and other technological exposures of today’s digital enterprise.

Our advanced machine learning and swarm AI algorithms show you the exposure and impact of thousands of future loss scenarios, continuously. No more static presentations.

As a result, you have a better understanding of potential outcomes and are able to “see around the corner,” to make informed strategic decisions that reduce impact.

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Emergynt enables practitioners to better manage their full spectrum of digital risks, by cutting through the data and prioritizing action.

We remove the manual effort of loss scenario identification and assessment. Best of all, it’s all done using the data and systems you already have in place, which means efficiency and lower workloads for your team.

As a result, you provide your executives and the board with a full understanding of the business impact of cybersecurity and other digital risks, to justify your instincts, and verify the value of your work.

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Risk From Growing Exposures

Digital risk can come from many different areas—cybersecurity being the biggest and most obvious. Data theft and destructive cyberattacks have created growing business losses. Digital transformation creates more attack-surface and puts more at stake from exposures like:


Risk Means Business Impact

Every organization looks at risk different. but the ripple of a digital incident can create a loss in unexpected places, including:


Digital compromises can grant access to financial information, but the compromise of trust and consumer confidence can devastate an organization’s financial stability and future potential.


Inadequate or failed internal processes, people, and systems can result in value loss to the business from disruptions like employee errors, system failures, or criminal activity.


Loss of trust – both from consumers and from industry peers – bears financial and psychological impact, from which organizations may not be able to rebound.


Today’s Tools Don’t do “Impact”

Your business needs to answer:

  • What is the next digital incident?
  • How badly could it hurt the business?
  • What should we do to avoid or reduce the impact?

If your current digital tools don’t quantify the potential business losses of tomorrow’s incident, they aren’t showing you true risk.


Gain Control Over Risk by Quantifying Tomorrow’s Impact.

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Change Your Risk Conversation

At Emergynt, we speak impact, which is a requirement for today’s digital risk management. Our platform and our veteran risk analysts can elevate your risk monitoring and reporting from first-line-tactical to strategic—putting it in the language of the boardroom. There are three simple steps:

Capture Risk Appetite

Digital risk starts at the top—with the CRO and business leaders. Our product captures your executive Risk Appetite—what kinds of business impacts they are willing to risk (Financial, Market, Operational, etc.) and how much.


Discover Risk Exposures

Our platform uses data you already have—like security tools, operational feeds, and external threat feeds. There is no additional deployment of sensors or technology. Our platform uses machine imagination to assess exposures you weren’t even considering.


Project Business Impact

We prioritize the most-costly digital risks you are likely to suffer in the future—including how much impact they pose to the business. You know quickly what kinds of impact your company could realize due to a cyber event or other digital loss.


See around the corner and reduce tomorrow’s risk impact.

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