Emergent Network Defense is becoming Emergynt!

Change your risk conversation from “what” to “why”

In response to the growing digital risk marketplace and to clarify the vision of the company, Emergent Network Defense, provider of digital risk software and services to some of the nation’s largest banks and international organizations, announced today a name change to Emergynt, soon to be followed by an updated corporate identity and branding.

In April, Emergent Network Defense will change its name to Emergynt, reflecting a more-focused direction for the company as it develops its digital risk platform and complimentary services. In coordination with the new name, the company is embarking on a website identity redesign, expected to be completed in Q2 2018.

We don’t see many other companies providing Risk Officers, CEOs, or Boards with this information in a language they need,” said Joel Benge, Emergynt’s Risk Evangelist and Director of Communications. “We help organizations understand why certain risk exposures are more critical than others. That’s part of the reason for the name change, and the ‘Y’ in the name.”

Emergynt will continue to provide clients with unparalleled insights into the business risks facing their enterprises by unforeseen cyber and other digital exposures.

About Emergynt

Emergynt’s Instinct Engine modeling platform and Risk Instinct subscription service are designed to provide business leaders with foresight into a company’s risk exposures using data already in the environment. They enhance tactical, first-line-of-defense solutions by providing a projection of the real-world business impact of a future event, with a probable dollar-loss value.

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