The Emergynt Risk Deck


Buy your copies of the wildly-popular Emergynt Risk Deck here. Used by cyber risk professionals to educate their leaders and to promote proactive cyber risk management, the Emergynt Risk Deck puts 4,000 cyber risks in the palm of your hand. As seen at RSA Conference 2019!

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Introducing the Emergynt Risk Deck

4,000 Cyber Risks in your pocket?

The Emergynt Risk Deck is a teaching and modeling tool developed by our RiskLabs Division to easily demonstrate the power of our scenario-analysis approach.

Use it to speed up table-top exercises or illustrate the vast risk universe of your digitally-enabled organization to your executive leadership.


Change Your Risk Conversation

The Emergynt Risk Deck contains sample objects from the Instinct Engine Platform‘s risk ontology.

With only 51 cards (10 Actors, 16 each Vulnerability and Target objects, 3 Consequences and 6 example Risk types), you can quickly model over 4,000 cyber and digital risks.  Use them in your training program, for executive discussions, or to challenge your cyber practitioners to think differently about cybersecurity and digital risk management.

The full platform contains over 1,000 objects, allowing nearly any conceivable risk scenario to be modeled and instantly assessed using realtime data from your organizational telemetry.


Designed for Simplicity and scalability

Developed for simplicity and to ensure accessibility by today’s most critical audiences—our own kids.
Field-tested with cyber experts, like world-renowned hacker Kevin Mitnick. (No endorsement implied. We ambushed him.)

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