From Sexual Misconduct to Cyber Breach Cover-up:

An Emergynt Risk Labs Report


Ridesharing titan Uber is learning the same painful lesson other large enterprises have encountered before them: digital business creates a whole new universe of risks. The fallout surrounding the company’s culture of sexual misconduct, corporate espionage, and cybersecurity cover-ups, surprised senior leadership as their digital exposure magnified the impact. As industries mature in their risk management — due to regulators, consumers, shareholders and boards of directors demanding accountability — senior company executives are personally responsible for digitally-exposed risk. Organizations use a wide range of tactical tools to monitor discrete issues like cyber threats, technology, process breakdowns, people, and even public perception through social media. What is missing for most of them, as it was for Uber, is the ability to identify what events could hurt them next. The opportunity for leadership is to find tomorrow’s incident in today’s data.

Emergynt has developed a dynamic, data-driven model to assess business risk due to digital exposure. This report from Emergynt’s Risk Labs division explores the indicators, metrics, and potential risk scenarios to model Uber’s digital business risk.